We specialize in engineering 'Design and Construct' (D&C) options which is widely accepted project delivery method and contract form by majority of our clients.

Under a D&C contract, Buildco Group piling is responsible for commissioning the design of the project and the actual physical build. We engage our in house engineering design consultants to carry out the preliminary designs and assist in preparing the  project requirements. These preliminary designs are used as the basis upon which we formulate our tender submissions that are very cost competitive. Our Engineering consulting services offer dual certification for all our piling and foundation designs.

D&C contracts are often referred to as “package deal” or “turnkey” contracts, that ensure our clients, having very minimal input throughout the entire process, will simply be able to arrive on site following completion and “turn a key” to use the works for their intended purpose.

As one contractor is responsible for costing the entire project, our clients have the benefit of having a contract price negotiated before any work is undertaken. A significant advantage of our D&C contracts is the fact that all site related difficulties and challenges can be identified and discussed by Buildco Group Piling with our clients at the preliminary stages and they be factored into the design submission, resulting in ease of budgeting, construction and efficient delivery of the works.

Why choose a D&C delivery method?